It’s important to remain a visual presence on your campus by being active. Often the best campus activism events are reactive, responding to whatever is going on at your campus.  And you never know where your active engagement will lead.  CBLPI summer intern Aryssa Damron’s campus activism at Yale resulted in a Fox News interview (see video clip at the bottom of the page).

One way to establish a visual presence is to start a Luce Society Chapter on your campus.  Such an organization can give a voice to conservative women on your campus, as well as a much-needed megaphone to counter the presumptive leftwing feminist narrative permeating most campus life today.

If you’re looking for activities to let your presence be known, here are a few ideas to spark your imagination.

Protect Life

Create a pro-life poster and participate in the Annual March for Life in your area.

Create a mock graveyard on campus using crosses to represent all of the unborn lives lost since Roe V. Wade.

Encourage Personal Responsibility

If your school is hosting a production of Eve Ensler’s play, The Vagina Monologues, plan a positive alternative using ideas from CBLPI’s The Vagina Monologues—Exposed.

Celebrate the intellect, strength, integrity and spirit of the modern American woman.

Reclaim the romance and beauty of Valentine’s Day.

Apply for a Summer Internship at CBLPI.

Celebrate!  Women are Winning

Plan a week of highlighting several different conservative women, like our own Clare Boothe Luce, during the very leftist Women’s History Month.

Do a video project to capture the reaction of students who have never heard of the incredible achievements of conservative women throughout history.

Hold an event where you debunk the wage gap myth and show how women are winning.

Champion Free Enterprise

Create posters with a chart showing what percentage of all federal government taxes are paid by the highest income earners, and post around campus.

Be a Culture Warrior

Create fliers highlighting conservative actors and musicians.

Hold a screening of a film with a conservative message.

Celebrate Family Values

Write articles for the CBLPI blog or local newspaper in support of traditional family values.

Start on the opposition: contact our Program Officer to start planning for fall semester’s activism now.

Prepare for Leadership

Read up and prepare yourself to battle the Left on campus in the coming school year.  (Want a recommended reading list?  Contact us.)

Apply for a Fall Internship at CBLPI.

Come in Strong

Join a campus conservative group, or start your own.

Make your group’s presence known this year by hosting a conservative “coming out” week.

Research and expose your school’s funding for liberal-versus-conservative campus speakers.

Defend America

Host the 9-11: Never Forget project to honor the victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks. (Visit for more details)

Hold a Support the Troops week, collecting items for U.S. servicemen or posting Thank You posters on campus.

Advance Free Speech

Encourage your club members to promote conservative ideas by writing opinion pieces for the school newspaper and speaking up in the classroom.

Pass out pocket Constitutions in the main student gathering areas.

Promote Limited Government

Have your club members write to your school’s board of directors and school newspaper about leftwing bias they’ve experienced on campus.

Research and expose your school’s funding for liberal-versus-conservative campus speakers.

Sign letters for veterans or gather supplies for our troops for Veterans Day (to send in December for Christmas).

Begin plans to host a conservative speaker next semester. Contact us for more information.

Combat Political Correctness

Greet everyone you meet with a joyful “Merry Christmas.”

Write up the story of the first Christmas and pass it out on campus to students.

Have your club members write a “Merry Christmas” greeting card to the American Civil Liberties Union.

CBLPI summer intern Aryssa Damron’s activism at Yale resulted in this Fox News interview: