The Center for Conservative Women offers paid, full-time fellowships for college women and paid, part-time internships for high school women during the school year and summer.

Working at the Center gives students the opportunity to interact with some of the top women in the conservative movement, raise awareness about alternatives to liberal feminism, deepen their understanding of conservative policy issues, attend conservative events around DC, receive media and public speaking training, and more.

Highlights of our Summer Fellowship:

• Introducing leading conservative women at events.
• Receiving public speaking and media training at an full-day, expert-led seminar.
• Writing and delivering a speech at a high school national conference.
• Participating in a weekly book club for conservative classics.
• Attending a week-long conference for conservative college students.
• Receiving weekly, one-on-one mentorship from a key staff member.
• Gaining event planning, communications, development, and administrative experience.

Pictured below are 2017 Summer Fellows with Woman of the Year, Kellyanne Conway (center):

Duties include advocating for conservative principles through online and written communications, assisting in administrative duties, assisting with events, and promoting the Center’s presence via social media. Qualified candidates will be passionate about empowering conservative women.

While we do not offer housing as part of the program, we can suggest local housing options. You will need to arrange your own accommodations. A car is highly recommended. We provide a generous monthly stipend of $1,200.

Apply to be a Fellow or Intern:

Applications may be submitted via email, regular mail, or faxed to 703-318-8867. Please submit an application package that includes:

• a cover letter explaining why you are interested in being a fellow/intern;
• a current resume; and
• a completed application form

Deadlines and Program Dates:

• Summer Deadline:  March 15 (for June – August)
• Fall Semester Deadline:  August 2  (for September – December)
• Spring Semester Deadline:  November 15  (for January – April)

If you would like more information or have any questions, please email our Program Officer, Emily Langan, or call her at (888) 891-4288.