If you’re a young woman with big plans for your life, begin them here!

College Fellowships and High School Internships

The Clare Boothe Luce Center for Conservative Women offers paid, full-time fellowships for college women and paid, part-time internships for high school women during the school year and summer.

Working at CBL gives students the opportunity to interact with some of the top women in the conservative movement, raise awareness about alternatives to liberal feminism, deepen their understanding of conservative policy issues, attend conservative events around DC, receive media and public speaking training, and more.

During a typical CBL Summer Fellowship, you will:

  •  Introduce leading conservative women at events.

  •  Receive public speaking and media training at a full-day, expert-led seminar.

  •  Write and deliver a speech at a high school national conference.

  •  Participate in a weekly book club for conservative classics.

  •  Attend a week-long conference for conservative college students.

  •  Receive weekly, one-on-one mentorship from a key CBL staff member.

  •  Gain event planning, communications, development, and administrative experience.

Leadership Training Seminars

Peggy Grande, former Executive Assistant to President Ronald Reagan, speaks to capacity crowd at June’s Capitol Hill Summit for women interns.

Leadership training seminars are one of the best ways to prepare for leadership. Some seminars are in small, intimate settings where you can spend one-on-one time with the speakers, while others are larger group settings in which a variety of topics are covered.

One of our most popular seminars takes place each summer on Capitol Hill. It is primarily for young women who are in Washington to serve internships with members of Congress, news organizations, and think tanks. 

During the course of the day-long seminar, participants have the opportunity to hear career- and networking-insights from successful women to make the most of their internship experience.


Attend a Regional Women’s Summit

CBLPI’s unique Regional Women’s Summits bring conservative women together for a weekend of networking with peers, learning about critical policy issues, and hearing from top women leaders in the nation.

The success of these Summits over the years has shown us that young women are hungry for opportunities to learn how to be stronger activists and expand their knowledge on important policy issues.

CBLPI Summits have been held in California, Texas, Minnesota, North Carolina, Florida, Arizona, and Washington, D.C. Sign up for our email alerts to be the first to hear about our future Summits.

Bring a Conservative Speaker to Your Campus

One-sided discussions are a big problem on college campuses. Too often, the conservative voice on campus is nonexistent.

By bringing a CBL speaker to your school, you can add a much-needed conservative perspective to the conversation. Your fellow students (and leftist professors!) will be challenged by the intellectual conservatism that these women present.

Our roster of nationally-renowned conservative speakers are ready to travel to colleges throughout America. You can make an impact by bringing one of these outstanding women leaders to your campus. Our team includes such notable conservative women as Michelle Malkin, Bay Buchanan, Katie Pavlich, Marji Ross, and a whole host of celebrated women who daily lead the battle in government, academia, corporate boardrooms, and the national media to advance conservative principles and policies.

Plan your strategy for bringing true intellectual diversity to campus. To get started on arranging for one or more of our speakers to headline an event at your school, please submit our speaker information request form.