CBLPI's 2017 Great American Conservative Women Calendar

Announcing CBLPI’s 2017
Great American Conservative Women Calendar

It can be a tough world out there for conservative women. Too often, popular culture and peers mock our conservative values. Values such as personal responsibility, individual freedom, economic liberty, traditional values, and limited government.

CBLPI’s signature Great American Conservative Women Calendar showcases twelve strong women role models who share your values, as a daily reminder that you are not alone.

Women like Stacey Dash, trailblazer Congressman Marsha Blackburn, media mogul Michelle Malkin, best-selling author and FOX News contributor Katie Pavlich, and more. Get to know these women by reading their stories inside the calendar.

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A copy of the 2017 calendar is free to college students:


For all others, we ask for a $2.00 donation to cover costs of printing and shipping: