Founded in 1993, the Clare Boothe Luce Center for Conservative Women is one of the most unique organizations in America.  Our mission is to prepare women for effective leadership and to promote leading conservative women.  We strive to advance America’s women by promoting and preserving conservative principles.

We represent conservative women.

We provide a conservative woman’s perspective on current policy issues that affect her life, country and faith – a perspective that is often ignored or dismissed within academia and by the media. Our materials, programs and initiatives stress the importance of moral values, strength of character, academic excellence, integrity and a strong work ethic. Our blog, newsletters and social media communications support ideas and efforts that are pro-America, pro-family, support free enterprise and entrepreneurship, and pro-national defense and encourage our supporters and students to be active ambassadors of conservative philosophy at their school, at their workplace, and within their community.

We guide leading conservative women.

Our unique, all-women mentoring approach strives to engage, inform and connect conservative women across the country to opportunities of bold leadership and intellectual growth with resources, role models and the encouragement to prepare for success in their schools, workplaces and communities. We promote mentors and women leaders who are committed to constitutional principles such as individual freedom, economic liberty, limited government, strong national defense, personal responsibility and traditional values. These women are journalists, public policy experts, columnists, governmental officials, academicians, authors, politicians, talk radio hosts, legislators, as well as founders and presidents of conservative organizations. Many are also wives, mothers, and women of faith.

We build the groundwork for courageous conservative women.

We coordinate education and network-based events spanning from each corner of the country to unite conservative women – young and old – to the freedom-loving voice they crave. From Orlando, Florida, to Texas, to Santa Barbara, California, our summits share insights into America’s exceptionalism. We encourage college women to establish Luce Society chapters on campus and to invite experts to discuss social and policy issues, share fundamental philosophical truths, and challenge the Left’s suppression of diverse thought on college campuses. We host events in the greater DC area — Capitol Hill summits, Afternoon with Authors, receptions and dinners — that offer opportunities for students, supporters, and those in the community to engage with experts in many policy areas. We also partner with The Heritage Foundation each month for educational presentations as part of our Conservative Women’s Network program.


We are located in the suburbs of Washington, DC, at 112 Elden Street, Suite P, Herndon VA 20170. Contact us at [email protected] or call us at 888-891-4288 or 703-318-0730.

Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute Reception area