by Elizabeth Campbell

Last night the Luce Society at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, hosted Rachel Campos-Duffy to speak for a lecture titled, “It’s not the patriarchy, it’s you: How feminists are destroying feminism.”

The room was filled as students listened to Rachel’s story and her reasoning as to why conservative women are happy and excelling in life. Rachel’s story resonated with many of the attendees who stayed after the lecture to take pictures with Rachel, ask her questions about being a mother and a successful career woman, as well as her time on MTV’s The Real World.

Rachel emphasized the importance of motherhood, how it is worthwhile and important, not a burden as left-wing feminists like to describe it. Rachel encouraged the women in the room to break away from the lies the modern feminist movement sells to women, and go seek the things that last – marriage, children, and family.

The Luce Society at UW Madison was started a year ago by former Clare Boothe Luce Center for Conservative Women Fellow, Ellen Schutt. Ellen spent her summer working on ways to engage conservative women at her school, and planning to bring a conservative woman to speak to students at her school.

She came to staff telling us of her desire to have an all women activist group that continued the mission that CBL Center for Conservative Women has of preparing, promoting, and uniting conservative women leaders. Ellen wanted to make sure that conservative women in Wisconsin were empowered to have their conservative values heard on campus.

The chapter has flourished in the past year, hosting three prominent conservative women – Bay Buchanan, Antonia Okafor, and Rachel Campos-Duffy – and conducting activism projects on campus, including a short video on why the Constitution matters to them. The number of women in group has grown exponentially in the past year, and they have many exciting plans for the future.

Congrats UW Madison Luce Society!

If you are interested in starting a Luce Society chapter at your school please email Elizabeth Campbell, [email protected], to get started on the process. We are looking for strong, dedicated, conservative women activists to fearlessly stand up to the leftist orthodoxy and feminist groups on their campuses and stand up for traditional conservative values.