It is with heavy hearts that we bid farewell to Linda L. Bean, a remarkable woman whose legacy transcends generations. Linda, the granddaughter of the iconic outdoor retailer L.L. Bean, leaves behind a profound impact as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and conservative activist. Her recent passing at the age of 82 marks the end of an era, but her contributions will continue to resonate for years to come.

Linda served on the board of L.L. Bean for nearly 50 years. She also bought lobster dealerships and founded the Perfect Maine Lobster brand in 2007. Alongside these endeavors, Linda owned and operated general stores, inns, and vacation rentals along Maine’s central coast, her cherished home in Port Clyde.

Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, Linda was known for her fervent advocacy for conservative causes. As a passionate supporter of the Clare Boothe Luce Center for Conservative Women, she demonstrated unwavering dedication to our mission of preparing and promoting conservative women leaders.

May Linda’s legacy continue to inspire us to stand up for our convictions and strive for positive change in the world.