A hook-up usually leads to regret

A hook-up usually leads to regret.

A recent study of the hook-up culture at Princeton University reveals:

Before the hook-up: Girls expect emotional involvement almost twice as often as guys; 34% hope “a relationship might evolve.” Guys, more than girls, are in part motivated by hopes of improving their social reputation, or of bragging about their exploits to friends the next day.

After the hook-up: 91% of girls admit to having feelings of regret, at least occasionally. Guilt and “feeling used” are commonly cited, and overall, 80% of girls wish the hook-up hadn’t happened.

Why don’t you hear about this? Students may conceal these negative reactions, the study indicated, because they perceive them as different from their peers’.

Other studies have shown: 84% of women said that after having sex a few times, even with someone they didn’t want to be emotionally involved with, they begin to feel vulnerable and would at least like to know if the other person cares about them.

As the number of casual sex partners in the past year increased, so did signs of depression in college women.

49% of students whose hook-up included intercourse never see one another again, and less than 10% of “friends with benefits” develop into romances.