Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers discusses gender issues at a CBL-sponsored Georgetown University lecture

Bring a Conservative Speaker to Your Campus

One-sided discussions are a big problem on our college campuses. Too often, the conservative voice on campus is nonexistent.

But by bringing a CBL speaker to your school, you can add a much-needed conservative perspective to the conversation. Your fellow students (and leftist professors!) will be challenged by the intellectual conservatism that these women present.

Our roster of nationally-renowned conservative speakers are ready to travel to colleges throughout America. You can make an impact by bringing one of these outstanding women leaders to your campus. Our team includes such notable conservative women as: Michelle Malkin, Bay Buchanan, Katie Pavlich, Marji Ross, and a whole host of celebrated women who daily lead the battle in government, academia, corporate boardrooms, and the national media to advance conservative beliefs.

Plan your strategy for bringing true intellectual diversity to campus. To get started on arranging for one or more of our speakers to headline an event at your school please submit our speaker information request form.

CBL will work with you one-on-one to plan your event and ensure its resounding success.

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