Host a Day at the Range

A Day at the Range

A group of women students from the University of Missouri, Columbia at their Day at the Range.


With those on the left ever-increasingly infringing on the constitutional right to bear arms, it’s up to the next generation to stand up and protect it. Putting your Second Amendment right into practice as a law-abiding young woman is key to combatting this government overreach.

In support of the Second Amendment and in order to equip young women like you with the self-defense skills they need, the Clare Boothe Luce Center hosts Days at the Range for women from college campuses nationwide. The CBL Center will bring ten to twelve girls from your campus to a local range for a day of firearm safety and handling instruction followed by live fire on the range. A Day at the Range is the perfect opportunity for both first-time and seasoned markswomen to grow in confidence and safety when using a firearm.

To request to host a CBL Day at the Range, email Lauren Herzberg with:

  • Available Saturdays and Sundays during the fall or spring semester, excluding breaks, midterms, finals, home sports games, lecture series, and anything else that could diminish attendance
  • A list of ranges local to your college for the Center contact

The Center will work with you to plan an fun and informative day for all the young women you invite.

Please note that as we have very high demand for our Day at the Range program, we cannot fulfill all student requests.