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Welcome to the Center for Conservative Women

Strong, successful women leaders who embrace conservative principles are essential to ensuring a great American future.

The Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute is one of the most unique organizations in America. Our mission is to prepare young women for effective leadership and to promote leading conservative women. 

Since 1993, the Institute has been celebrating trailblazing conservative women like Jeane Kirkpatrick, Margaret Thatcher, Kellyanne Conway, and KT McFarland, all of whom have worked with us and been role models for the women students we mentor. 

Conservative Women’s Network

A monthly event co-sponsored by CBLPI and The Heritage Foundation, the Conservative Women’s Network is made up of over 1,000 women in the Washington DC area who are policy analysts, non-profit organization leaders, students, stay-at-home mothers, and more.

Women gather to become informed on issues of the day, network with area professionals, and hear from conservative leaders at these monthly luncheons. The newsmakers who speak and the topics they cover vary month to month and range from national security and immigration to public school policy and culture. 

For those outside the Washington DC area, these events are occasionally covered by the C-SPAN cable network, and videos of them can be viewed on our website or at our YouTube channel.

Regional Women’s Summits

CBLPI’s unique Regional Women’s Summits bring conservative women together for a weekend of networking with peers, learning about critical policy issues, and hearing from top women leaders in the nation.

The success of these Summits over the years has shown us that women are hungry for opportunities to learn how to be stronger activists and expand their knowledge on important policy issues.

CBLPI Summits have been held in California, Texas, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Washington, D.C.  Sign up to receive our email alerts to be the first to hear about our future Summits.


Great American Conservative Women Calendar

We highlight conservative women leaders each year in our Great American Conservative Women Calendar.

Over the 13 years of publishing the calendar, we have distributed more than half a million calendars to students, friends and media.


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