CWN – The Communist China Threat – Victoria Coates

Hear from National Security Expert Victoria Coates addressing the national security threat coming from China and the most recent Chinese spy balloon incident.

College Women’s Luncheon at CPAC – Featuring Riley Gaines

Join us at 2023 CPAC for a College Women’s Luncheon on Friday, March 3rd with Riley Gaines. Riley will be given the Luce Center’s Woman of Exceptional Courage Award.

CWN – How Power Elites Weaponize the Fear of Loneliness to Enforce Social Conformity – Stella Morabito

Stella Morabito discusses her new book at the Feb. Conservative Women’s Network.

CWN – The Conservative Path Forward to Election Integrity with Mollie Hemingway

Join us at the Conservative Women’s Network to hear bestselling author Mollie Hemingway speak on Election Integrity.

Florida Women’s Summit: Nov 4-6, 2022

Young women students and interns are invited to join us November 4 – November 6, 2022, for a getaway weekend in Orlando, Florida, to hear from top conservative leaders and network with fellow students.

CWN: Pro-Life Panel Discussion

Recognizing an historic moment and looking to the future of the pro-life movement.

DC Intern Summit & Woman of the Year Dinner

Join us for a day of policy, networking, and celebration of great conservative women leaders.

CWN: Making American Energy Great Again, with Diana Furchtgott-Roth

Learn more about energy and rising gas prices.

CWN: Combating Authoritarianism in China with Olivia Enos

Come learn about human rights challenges in China.

CWN – Impacting Education from Kindergarten to College – Nicole Neily

Learn from an established activist about how you can make a difference in your local education system.

Webinar Nov 10: History & Value of Thanksgiving

Each thanksgiving, Americans of all backgrounds gather to ‘give thanks’ and celebrate freedom, faith, and family.

Webinar Nov 1: Outside Influences in Elections with Mollie Hemingway

If we do not understand the forces at work to undermine our electoral system, then we will cease to be the America we all know and love.

Webinar: Debunking the 1619 Project

Mary Grabar is the author of “Debunking Howard Zinn: Exposing the Fake History That Turned a Generation against America.”

Webinar: Conservation is Conservative

Gabriella Hoffman is the host of the District of Conservation podcast.