The Luce Honor Society

Honoring Elite Women of Courage


From the moment a freshman female enters the dorms of her university, she is bombarded with messaging that makes it feel like she must advocate for left-wing policies promoted by radical feminist groups in order to be accepted by her campus peers.

The courageous women we work with at CBLCCW have had enough. Students are fighting back through activism and investing in their professional development to better combat the leftist ideology on campus. To honor especially dedicated and passionate students, we created the Luce Honor Society. As the nation’s only honor society exclusively for conservative women, members are highly drive and accomplished students who are active participants in Luce Center events and exceptional activists for conservative principles.

Students are selected to join the Luce Honor Society for their outstanding leadership in campus activism, such as hosting campus speakers, defending the 2nd Amendment through the “Day at the Range” program, publishing influential opinion pieces, or serving as leaders in their conservative campus groups. Selected students will receive an invitation via email.

Luce Honor Society students gain lifelong recognition for their activism and serve as an example to young activists, motivating other young conservative women as a group collectively.

Member Benefits:

  • Member kit
    • An exclusive Luce Honor Society sweatshirt
    • Graduation regalia, including an honor cord
  • Recognition
    • Be inducted into the society at key Luce Center events
    • List your membership on your resume, alerting employers to your strong work ethic, activism success, and leadership abilities
    • Be considered for the Luce Prize for Leadership (a cash prize of $2,000) for exceptional activism
  • Campus activism
    • Exclusive activism resources and comprehensive assistance with campus events
    • Help with campus lecture funding and access to a vast network of conservative women speakers
  • Professional Development
    • Receive a discounted rate and priority notice about our internships, national student summits, and mentorship seminars
  • Networking
    • An annual meeting of the Luce Honor Society
    • Our members-only LinkedIn group to connect with like-minded Luce Honor Society conservative women students from around the country
    • Join a community of highly successful conservative alumni to explore careers and experience professional development

Luce Honor Society members graduate from college with a deeper understanding of conservative values, renewed passion for conservative policies, and the confidence to become influential leaders in their careers.

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