V-Day Unveiled

Each year in February, the V-Day Movement “invites activists in colleges, communities, high schools, or youth groups around the world” to produce Eve Ensler’s play, The Vagina Monologues.

If your school or community is considering the production this year, we invite you to take a look through our booklet:

The Vagina Monologues Exposed:
A Student’s Guide to V-Day

This little booklet explains how the vulgar messages inherent in this production glorify social deviancy, sexual perversion and lesbian sexual assaults — all while condemning men!

If you‚ like so many other women‚ are insulted by the play’s portrayal of women as a single sexual body part, we offer 10 ways to fight back against this play’s message on your campus to:

  • reclaim the romance and beauty of Valentine’s Day,
  • celebrate the intellect, strength, integrity and spirit of the modern American women, and
  • promote respect in ways to honor—rather than debase and degrade—women.

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Downloadable Posters Available:

To help students who want to challenge the left, we also offer a variety of printable posters to counter the false claims made about the play by feminist supporters:

Myth 1-VDayPoster — The play empowers and liberates women

Myth 2-VDayPoster — The play raises awareness about violence against women

Myth 3-VDayPoster — The play is not anti-male

Myth 4-VDayPoster — The play is not pornographic

Myth 5-VDayPoster — Vagina Monologues opponents are anti-feminist

Myth 6-VDayPoster – The play does not venerate child rape

Myth 7-VDayPoster — Funds raised by the play are ending violence against women

Myth 8-VDayPoster —  The play is based on true stories