Tipping Points: How to Topple the Left’s House of Cards

July 1, 2020

For July’s Book of the Month, we selected Liz Wheeler’s book, “Tipping Points: How to Topple the Left’s House of Cards,” published last August by Regnery Publishing. Liz Wheeler is a popular host of One America’s News Network’s “Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler.” She is a brilliant and highly effective debater who explains how we can go on the rhetorical attack against the Left – and win – with a multi-technique program for catching the Left in their inconsistencies and under-handed schemes and skewering them for their bold-faced lies.

Liz Wheeler spoke at our 2019 Western Women’s Summit in Santa Barbara, California, where she taught our students how to effectively debate against the Left’s socialist talking points.

Watch our video here:

About the book…

The Left is on the attack, and the war for our country is at a crucial tipping point.

Liberals know they’re within reach of radically transforming America. They don’t like the U.S. Constitution. They’re allergic to Americans’ “gun culture.” They find our faith and our devotion to family distasteful. And our commitment to liberty positively sends them into a panic.

As soon as the Democrats get power anywhere, they stand ready to throw our God-given rights under the bus of political correctness, transgender insanity, and socialism (the economic system that always promises equality and utopia, but somehow always delivers resentment, poverty, and decay). So how can we tip the momentum back in our favor? How can we fight effectively for freedom, the U.S. Constitution, limited government, faith and family, and the survival of the American Republic?

In Tipping Points: How to Topple the Left’s House of Cards, Liz Wheeler identifies the five “Tipping Points” where liberals are poised to win, trains you in her proven debating techniques, and deputizes you to take up arms in the fight for our nation’s heart and soul.

It’s training you need right now, today. Our country is at a tipping point. And make no mistake—if the Left isn’t defeated, they’re taking down America.

Discussion Questions

As a conservative, what are some of the most common arguments the Left has used to silence or mock you? What talking points did you counter back with, and were they effective?

As riots and protests break out across the country, and as the Left pushes to rewrite or erase history by tearing down monuments and changing K-12 curriculum, how can we use Liz Wheeler’s advice to reverse the Left’s insanity and restore America’s exceptional history? Do you think this is possible, or will conservatives need to take a different approach?

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