“The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution is a fundamental cornerstone of American Law guaranteeing to citizens the right to bear arms”

Recently, Gayle Trotter came to Clemson University to speak about the importance of the Second Amendment to American society. As an attorney and political analyst inside Washington D.C., Gayle has a storied history working in the field of law and has had the opportunity to testify before Congress on this very issue. This experience has lent Trotter much accumulated knowledge and credibility when talking about firearms and the controversial topic of campus-carry.

In her presentation she lays out a strong argument that firearms in the hands of private citizens is an essential right and, for women, a great equalizer when it comes to the threat of violence. In her reasoning she uses strong evidence and statistics to back up her claims from reliable sources like police reports and the Justice Department and utilizes common sense in debunking the perspective that the Second Amendment has to do with militias as opposed to individual citizens.

A wife and mother of six children, Trotter received to B.A. and J.D. from the University of Virginia where she served as the editor and chief of the Virginia Journal of International Law, a publication considered to be one of the world’s most influential law journals. She is also the co-founder and partner of the Shafer & Trotter law firm based in the metro D.C. area and hosts The Gayle Trotter Show: RIGHT in DC, a podcast that regularly appears on TV news and radio programs.