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Affirmative Action Fails to Actually Address Oppression

In addition to discriminating against students of certain races, affirmative action does not even achieve what liberal administrators promised.

America is Exceptional – Here’s Why

Attempts to erode and uproot the founding principles of our nation are all around us, but the words of Turkish-American Enes Kanter Freedom serve as a reminder of America’s exceptionalism.

Your Second Amendment Right

The left will tell you that firearms only bring unnecessary violence. Gayle Trotter debunks this myth and tells young women why their right to bear arms is especially important.

Amber Athey Returns to Georgetown to Address the Woke Mob

College students today are no stranger to the woke campus mob. Amber Athey visits her alma mater to share stories of her experience of leftist bias and encourage conservative students to keep up the fight for intellectual diversity on campus.

Human Trafficking: a National Crisis the Media won’t Cover

After the release of The Sound of Freedom movie this summer, the nation was struck by the horror of trafficking in Latin America. What if human trafficking is happening right here in the United States, too?

Crime in CA Through the Eyes of a Chinese Immigrant

In America today, we are told that violence is a justified response to systemic racism. Ying Ma shares her experiences growing up in Oakland with UC Berkeley students to provide an alternative to mainstream crime ideology.

Emily Jashinsky on Leftist Media Bias

How did the modern media become so bias? Emily Jashinsky explains the factors that contribute to left-wing bias and offers students advice when combating leftist news sources.

The Slippery Slope of Eroded Freedom

It is up to those of us who believe liberty trumps safety to forge a movement to regain lost liberty.

Nazis and Eugenics Brought Us Chemical Abortion: Here’s Proof

Eugenic leaders laid the groundwork for today’s abortion industry, the majority of which in the U.S. is conducted through chemical abortion.

Statement on Supreme Court Abortion Decision

Congratulations to all the student right-to-lifers and volunteers at right-to-life pregnancy centers, who are the overlooked heroes in this cause.

Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears, CBL’s 2022 Woman of the Year

Throughout her speech, Lt. Gov. Sears exhorted her listeners to courageous involvement in their communities.

Intern Summit Delivers Valuable Insights from Highly Successful Women

Washington interns gather to hear valuable experiences and insights from highly successful conservative women leaders.

Book Review: Letting the Princess Out of the Castle

In an age when traditional womanhood is under attack, Easton urges “purposeful parenting” in the raising up of America’s daughters.

Conservatives Urge GOP to Take ‘Firmer Line’ on Biden Nominees

Senators cannot say on one hand that they are vehemently opposed to the Biden agenda while at the same time voting to confirm nominees intent on massive government expansion and control.