“These people aren’t actually offended by what you are saying…I don’t think they find it that objectionable, but they use these cancellation mobs as a tool to silence people they disagree with on a whole host of issues. It’s a convenient way of weaponizing your speech against you.”

This past week, Amber Athey returned to her alma mater, Georgetown University, to speak about the growing concerns over the woke mob and violent nature of cancel culture in today’s media. In her personal experience as a journalist, Amber has faced many examples of woke aggression towards her beliefs- administrative objections to setting up a firearms club on campus, campus hostility towards bringing Christina Hoff Sommers to Georgetown, twitter jokes weaponized against her in her career and so much more. She speaks about the left’s political motivations for using cancellation mobs and the risks and benefits of addressing woke extremism head-on.

Amber Athey is a journalist and political commentator who serves as the editor for The Spectator.  She is also the host of Unfit to Print, a radio show on WCBM 680. Prior to joining The Spectator, Amber was the White House Correspondent for the Daily Caller and was a member of the White House press corps covering the Trump presidency. She graduated from Georgetown University with a double major in Government and Economics with a minor in Mathematics. Students who came to her lecture walked away with a better understanding of the woke political climate and how we can deal with the hardships that are inevitable in a radical media landscape.