Category Archive: 'Campus Speakers'

Beverly Hallberg

Media expert and president of District Media Group

Antonia Okafor

One of the country’s foremost advocates of concealed carry on campus

Allie Stuckey

“The Conservative Millennial” blogger who specializes in effective branding and communication strategies.

Rachel Campos-Duffy

Conservative commentator and national spokesperson for The LIBRE Initiative

Amber Smith

Author, former Army Kiowa Warrior helicopter pilot & combat veteran

The PolitiChicks

PolitiChicks: Ann-Marie Murrell, Morgan Brittany, and Sonya Sasser

Ying Ma

Author, Attorney, International Economic Affairs Writer, and Policy Advisor at the Heartland Institute

Star Parker

Author, Syndicated Columnist & President of CURE

Nonie Darwish

Author and Advocate of Women’s Rights in the Middle East

Michelle Easton

CBL Board President

Marji Ross

CBL Board Member & President of Regnery Publishing

Katie Pavlich

News Editor for

Kathryn Jean Lopez

Editor of National Review Online

Kate Obenshain Keeler

Board Secretary/Treasurer

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