Amanda Collins Johnson was raped at gun point during her 4th year of college. After surviving this brutal attack, she found herself stuck in the void of emptiness and wanted more than to merely exist, but didn’t know how. Her journey of learning how to live after surviving gave her a devotion to leading others back to the land of the living by reclaiming a full life. She is passionate about sharing her story with courage and conviction so others can be empowered to live a full life after surviving trauma.

Amanda considers her best accomplishment to be her family. She’s thankful to be Nate’s loving wife and a homeschooling momma to three beautiful daughters who keep her busy.

She’s had the honor of sharing her story through various platforms including college campuses, women’s conferences, and law enforcement conferences. She has been featured on the She Speaks Stories podcast, FOX & Friends, The Glenn Beck Show, and in several publications.

Amanda enjoys quality time with family, mentoring young women, and leading Bible studies.