You may recognize Juliana as CBLPI’s high school intern last summer. She’s returned to the Institute, this time as a Fellow, to continue to strengthen her conservative beliefs.

Juliana is a rising sophomore at the University of Navarra in Pamplona, Spain where she studies a bilingual Humanities degree. A D.C. native, Juliana loves spending her summers back home in Northern Virginia where she is able to be with family and friends much more often.

Juliana is a conservative because she firmly believes in the values of personal responsibility, hard work, and the constitutional liberties that allow us all to be free. While it is a bit challenging explaining her viewpoint to her peers in socialist Spain, she is trying to change some minds!

Juliana’s current favorite conservative woman is Ivanka Trump. She is constantly impressed by Ivanka’s commitment to her family while navigating the challenging political world of D.C. The fellows are reading her new book, “Women Who Work”, for CBLPI’s Book Club and Juliana has been inspired to pursue an empowering life of a family, career, and many passions.

While living in Spain this past year, Juliana had plenty of opportunities to travel. Some of the highlights were London, France, Madrid, and Rome (her bus ride to Rome lasted 24 hours – one of the craziest things she’s done in Europe!).

In her free time, Juliana loves to run and play tennis. She also reads whenever she has the chance and her goal this summer is to finish Les Miséables.

Juliana is having a great time being back in the CBLPI headquarters in Herndon, Virginia. She is enjoying spending time with the wonderful staff and is excited to keep learning more about the world of politics