The Slippery Slope of Eroded Freedom

It is up to those of us who believe liberty trumps safety to forge a movement to regain lost liberty.

Nazis and Eugenics Brought Us Chemical Abortion: Here’s Proof

Eugenic leaders laid the groundwork for today’s abortion industry, the majority of which in the U.S. is conducted through chemical abortion.

The Real Girlboss: Self-Fulfillment Through Gift of Self

We can put ourselves on the right path to finding true self-fulfillment.

Statement on Supreme Court Abortion Decision

Congratulations to all the student right-to-lifers and volunteers at right-to-life pregnancy centers, who are the overlooked heroes in this cause.

Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears, CBL’s 2022 Woman of the Year

Throughout her speech, Lt. Gov. Sears exhorted her listeners to courageous involvement in their communities.

Intern Summit Delivers Valuable Insights from Highly Successful Women

Washington interns gather to hear valuable experiences and insights from highly successful conservative women leaders.

Book Review: Letting the Princess Out of the Castle

In an age when traditional womanhood is under attack, Easton urges “purposeful parenting” in the raising up of America’s daughters.

Conservatives Urge GOP to Take ‘Firmer Line’ on Biden Nominees

Senators cannot say on one hand that they are vehemently opposed to the Biden agenda while at the same time voting to confirm nominees intent on massive government expansion and control.

Alum Ellen Schutt

With persistence and determination as her guide, Ellen continues to “press on.”

Government Schools are Not a Co-Parent

No one cares more about a student’s academic and personal flourishing than parents.

C-SPAN’s After Words Interview with Michelle Easton Airs

Michelle Easton offers thoughts on how to pass down conservative values to young women.

Congress Moving to Require Women to Register for Military Draft

Conservative organizations, including the Center for Conservative Women, asks Congress to “strike the Reed ‘Draft Our Daughters’ amendment and oppose any legislation that would have the same effect.

9-11 Remembered

Video footage of events as they unfolded on 9-11-2001.

Alum Andrea Vacchiano

A free speech advocate, Andrea found a natural career choice in media.