As co-founder and president of Hoplin Jackson Charitable Advisors, Nicole Hoplin helps her clients create more impact with their charitable giving, and, in so doing, makes giving away wealth as joyful and fulfilling as creating it.

Nicole’s boutique philanthropic advising company grew out of her 17 years of working with individuals, families, and private foundations to connect them with the nonprofit programs that reflect their most treasured values and produce extraordinary results. During these nearly two decades, Nicole raised millions of dollars and used her formal education to help donors work through sensitive topics such as succession planning and whether/how to engage the next generation of family members in charitable giving.

She is a philanthropy thought leader, having spoken in forums across the country about the impact generous donors can make in our country. Nicole coauthored Funding Fathers: The Unsung Heroes of the Conservative Movement (Regnery Publishing) with Ron Robinson, president of Young America’s Foundation. The book shares the stories of ten prominent entrepreneurs who made the most important philanthropic gifts to advance free enterprise and liberty. Nicole is also the co-author of the Ten Secrets of Successful Giving, a publication designed to share tips and advice with donors who seek to maximize their impact through their charitable giving.

Nicole dedicated many years as a vice president at Young America’s Foundation, the organization responsible for saving and preserving President Reagan’s historic California ranch. She cultivated relationships with more than 200 supporters to identify their philanthropic priorities and connect them with programs that aligned most with those interests.

Nicole acquired a Master in Public Policy degree with an expertise in nonprofit management and leadership summa cum laude from the University of Minnesota and a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Olaf College.

Together with her husband, Eric, they are raising their three boys in Oakton, Virginia. She currently serves on the Reagan Ranch Board of Governors, on Young America’s Foundation’s Board of Directors, and as the co-chair of her church’s Free to Dream bridge campaign.