Gender Identity and Transgender policies are being promoted across the nation, but how will those policies impact women?

Hands Across the Aisle is a coalition of ideologically diverse women who joined forces to stand in solidarity, despite their political differences, against gender identity legislation, which they argue threatens women and women’s rights.

These women spoke at a February 16, 2017, event arranged and hosted by The Heritage Foundation and co-sponsored by the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute. They are:

Miriam Ben Shalom — educator and activist who made history for being the first person to be reinstated to the military after being discharged from service for being openly lesbian.

Kaeley Triller Haver — rape survivor who serves as a Communications Director for the Just Want Privacy Campaign in Washington State.

Kami Mueller — CEO of the Mueller Group, a communications firm in North Carolina who played an integral role in the communications efforts defending the state’s controversial privacy law (HB2).

Mary Lou Singleton — midwife and feminist who is an active member of the Women’s Liberation Front (WOLF), the radical feminist organization that filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration to restore Title IX rights to women and girls.

Emily Zinos was unable to participate in this event due to a family emergency, but her prepared remarks were shared. Emily is a stay at home mom who works with the Minnesota chapter of the Ask Me First campaign, a project sponsored by the Family Policy Alliance to defend the safety and privacy of women and children.