Chances are you found this booklet because you’re searching for an answer to a question or an explanation to a problem. Perhaps you want to help a friend who’s falling apart after a disappointing relationship. Or maybe it’s an STD you weren’t ever supposed to get.

This isn’t the standard anything-goes-as-long-as-you-use-protection kind of sex ed booklet. ‘Safer sex’ guidelines were developed before you were born, but now we live in a different world. Now we’re fighting a horde of bugs, and the bugs are winning. It’s no longer enough to communicate with your ‘partners’, get tested, and use condoms. In this century, if you wish to avoid genital infections, you need a different plan.

This is a protect-yourself-because-no-one-else-will kind of sex ed booklet. The information you’ll find here generally isn’t taught in traditional sex ed courses. It isn’t glamorous or sexy, either. It is pure medical science – about you and your body – compiled by a physician with years of experience counseling students at a major university health care center.

Whatever the question or problem, we hope you find what you’re looking for.

View the booklet in PDF format.

Special Note to Organizations wishing to print and distribute large numbers of Sense & Sexuality:

Every young person should receive a copy of this important booklet. Other organizations can play a key role in the mission to inform young women. The most inexpensive way to mass distribute the guide is to print locally. Here’s how:

1. Determine available funding. Work with others that might be interested in copies as well: local non-profit organizations, student groups, your doctor, local health centers, etc.

2. Research a few local printers and compare quotes. (Some printers offer discounts to non-profits.)

3. Call or email us to arrange local printing.  (There is no licensing fee.)

4. The CBL Center for Conservative Women coordinates a print run with your local printer.

5. You pay your local printer directly.

6. Distribute!

7. In exchange for our permission to print the guide, we would like to hear your experiences, anecdotes and stories about the booklet’s use and effect. Send them to [email protected].

Note: A copy of the booklet is free to high school and college students. For all other orders, we ask for a small donation to cover costs of printing and shipping.