Former US Treasurer Bay Buchanan speaking at a CBLPI-sponsored lecture at Wisconsin Lutheran College

by Laurel Conrad

Wanting to make a difference on her campus, Wisconsin Lutheran College student Marta Stahlfeld teamed with the Pro-Life Warriors to bring former US Treasurer Bay Buchanan to campus for a Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute sponsored lecture.

Bay spoke on "Leadership in the Pro-life Movement" where she encouraged students to step outside of comfort zones to debate.

According to Marta, Bay stressed "the importance of knowing our arguments for being pro-life and why, and also that pro-lifers have morality and ethics on our side because a life is undeniably a life."

Over forty students attended the event, and according to Marta, the "audience reaction was positive and thoughtful; I still hear people discussing her speech."


CBLPI student leader Marta Stahlfeld (fourth, left) and CBLPI speaker Bay Buchanan (fifth, left) with Wisconsin Lutheran College students

Before the event, the Pro-Life Warriors got the word out with flyers, table tents, TV slides, posters, and emails from professors and from the club.

Marta became involved with CBLPI as a high school student when her grandmother sponsored her to attend a Western Women's Summit. We are very proud of her taking her leadership one step further, by putting on a fantastic lecture!