by Alissa Lopez

Posters advertising for an upcoming lecture with Bay Buchanan were shredded and torn off the walls throughout various buildings on Saint Mary’s College campus, a Catholic all-women institution.

According to the college’s website, Saint Mary’s focuses deeply on the intellectual, spiritual and individual development of their female students. From promoting“a life of intellectual vigor, aesthetic appreciation, religious sensibility… social responsibility” and “intellectual inquiry, liturgical prayer, and social action,” the College hopes to prepare “women for roles of leadership and action.”

For this reason Clare McKinney, a student at Saint Mary’s College, thought it would be appropriate to host Bay Buchanan.  An appointee of President Ronald Reagan, Bay was the youngest person to hold the position of U.S. Treasurer and is one of the most well-known female leaders of the conservative movement.

Clare, after discovering that a number of the flyers had been torn down, took to the events Facebook page in the hopes of gathering students to replace them.


She stated, “Vandalism Alert: Poor Bay has been ripped down from the entire first floor of LeMans and the elevators. I’m planning on printing up some more tonight, please message me and I can drop some off at your dorm for you to put up!”

Seven students responded to this post, one stating that she was “Already on it!”

When CBLPI spoke to Clare, she said that it was “disheartening to attend a college that champions female empowerment only to host an event on the topic and have flyers not only torn down, but ripped up.”

“Bay Buchanan is one of the most influential women in the Conservative movement and even if you don’t respect her politics I would have hoped the women of Saint Mary’s College could respect her achievements.”

The event titled Female Empowerment Isn’t Just for Liberals is to take place this Wednesday December 7 in the college’s Moreau Little Theater at 7pm.

Alissa is a CBLPI fellow.