Remember the almost 37,000 ‘unaccompanied’ illegal South American minors who crashed the US southern border this year and were placed with sponsors throughout the U.S.?

“The Department of Education has made it clear that every child, regardless of immigration status, is ‘entitled to’ a public school education,” reports, and you will be getting the bill for the fed’s generosity.

A new study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) estimates the nationwide cost to educate these illegals could top $761 million.

The per pupil cost for unaccompanied minors is likely to be even higher than the average LEP [Limited English Proficient] student, since the recent illegal aliens of school age who came in the recent surge have had little to no previous schooling.

Check out FAIR’s state-by-state breakdown to see how many of these illegal minors have been sent to your state and how much you’ll pay for this new federal entitlement program (full screen map).