by Laurel Conrad

Congratulations to Georgetown University student Mallory Carr, who worked with her Georgetown CR chapter to coordinate a fantastic, standing-room only CBLPI-sponsored event tonight! Well over one hundred students attended the lecture entitled, “What’s Right (and Badly Wrong) with Feminism?” given by Luce Institute campus speaker Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers.

Also in attendance at the event were about a dozen student feminists holding signs with slogans like “Trigger Warning: anti-feminism” and “Feminists Against RAPE Apology!”

These students also posted signs outside of the lecture room alerting students to “safe spaces” in another building on campus. According to the signs, “all are welcome to come if they feel triggered or upset by today’s events. Hate speech will not be appreciated in this space,” and “Trigger Warning: this event will contain discussions of sexual assault and may deny the experiences of survivors.” The protesters also engaged in a heated Q&A session that will be posted soon on CBLPI’s YouTube channel.

The protesters used trigger warnings as a way to stigmatize the presentation and anything that differs from their point of view. Liberals insist upon pushing their politically correct agenda on others and it's insulting.

It was inspiring to see so many students attend this event. Despite the protesters, Dr. Sommers did an excellent job explaining her vision of ‘Freedom Feminism’. While it is too bad that some of the Georgetown students felt the need to try to shame their fellow students who hosted the event, I am glad they did attend. Hopefully there are some thoughtful students who will reconsider the preconceived notions after hearing a new perspective tonight.

At no time did Dr. Sommers say anything that could be misconstrued as rape apology. The protesters were clearly trying to use a straw-man argument to silence and censor the event. Fortunately, the controversy only increased attendee turnout and campus buzz.

Mallory and CR chairman Amber Athey did a wonderful job coordinating this event, and I am happy for them that it was such a success!

Laurel Conrad is Lecture Director at the Luce Institute.

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