Campus feminists were angry when they saw the ad for upcoming lecture by Kate Obenshain, and organizer Laurel McCue expected them to turn out in force for a robust debate.

Kate Obenshain Danger Flier

Only five showed up, and only one spoke — a somewhat crazy rant that apparently didn’t endear her perspective on the issue to other attendees in the room. After Kate Obenshain offered feminists an opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation following her presentation, feminists fled.

According to Laurel:

Kate gave a very charismatic and intelligent lecture to a packed room about the left's war on women, as well as the state of free speech on college campuses. I was really proud to see how much my conservative club has grown and was thrilled to see a bunch of campus conservatives gathered in one room to hear a viewpoint suppressed on campus. Like expected, there were a couple disgruntled feminists, but far less than the amount who threatened to come and protest the event. Last night the truth prevailed, and a conservative victory was won!

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Virginia Tech lecture organizers: