CBLPI's Sense & Sexuality booklet

Campus life should be an exciting time. Meeting new friends. Sharing new experiences. Making your own decisions and choices with no one looking over your shoulder!

For some, though, campus life can turn from happy to heartbreaking.

“Don’t take this the wrong way,” writes a physician, a former campus counselor, “but I hope to never see you in my office.” This medical doctor has seen too much heartbreak in her career.

For more than ten years, I’ve been a physician at a campus counseling center, and hardly a day has gone by without my meeting a young woman like you. She’s working hard to fulfill her dreams: a college education, maybe grad school, a great career, and — at some point — a home, husband, and kids. But she’s in crisis, and there are lots of tears as she shares her struggles and setbacks. I feel terrible, but there’s not much I can do.

You see, by the time she comes into my office, it’s after the fact. She’s already made decisions she regrets. She’s already involved with the wrong guy, or infected with genital warts or herpes. She’s already lost a great relationship, missed an opportunity, or failed a midterm. I’m her doctor, but all I can do is sit there, listen, and hand her tissues.

The worst part? Many times the crisis was 100 percent preventable. If only I’d known … she says. If only someone had told me.

I’ve written this for you—for young women everywhere—so you won’t ever utter those words…

If you’re unfamiliar with the hormone oxytocin, or haven’t heard about the “beer goggle” effect, this booklet is for you. It’s a quick read — maybe 10 minutes.

Email us to receive your copy, or if you’re short on time, read the on-line version of this little booklet.

It’s the best 10 minutes you’ll spend before plunging into campus life.

If you have a little more time, read the physician’s story of Heather:

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