Cleta Mitchell, February's spotlight in CBLPI's 2016 Great American Conservative Women calendar

If people haven’t seen her on their television screens in the past year, they probably haven’t watched much news. A Foley & Lardner LLC law partner, Cleta Mitchell gained national attention for filing a lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service and spearheading investigations examining that agency’s unlawful targeting of conservative non-profit organizations. Cleta is February’s conservative woman in CBLPI’s 2016 Great American Conservative Women calendar.

Cleta was well respected in the legal community long before the IRS scandal broke. A trusted advocate to individuals and non-profit and issue organizations, Cleta was selected for The Best Lawyers in America six consecutive years.  National Journal named her one of Washington’s “Top 25 Most Influential Women.”

“It’s better to be respected than liked,” Cleta told a CBLPI-hosted day-long seminar for DC-area women interns this summer. “If we aspire to live our lives being true to our principles and having strength of character, we’re not going to be worried all the time about whether people like us.  We should hope they respect us, whether or not they like us. And that should be okay with us.”

Cleta demonstrates in her life and work the leadership qualities, dedication to principle, and determination in adversity that are the hallmarks of Great American Conservative Women.

Cleta Mitchell speaks to CBLPI's 2015 Intern Seminar

Cleta Mitchell shares her wit and wisdom at CBLPI’s 2015 Intern Seminar