16-5-25-FeministMajority march

Feminists Marching (EKU Women & Gender Studies)

by Lil Tuttle

They may still get media attention for their outlandish claims and actions, but radical feminists are losing ground on every front these days.

No ‘War on Women’

Feminists still claim men are waging a political war against women, but the public isn't buying it. A new Rasmussen poll finds that only 25% of likely US voters believe there is really a political 'war on women'.

Sixty-five percent (65%) think instead that it's primarily a slogan used for political purposes. That’s up from 59% when we first asked this question in September 2014.

Maybe the 25% should read our little booklet, If There's a War on Women, Women are Winning.

No Man-Caused ‘Gender Wage Gap’

Feminists still claim there's a gender wage gap caused by mean ole men. But the claim – women earn 77 cents for every dollar a man earns – has been blown up by any number of studies, the latest one just last month.

It turns out that women's personal preferences and choices in life account for virtually all of the gap found between average wages of men and women. We offer a short summary of the latest research in Secrets to Beating the Gender Wage Gap.

No Gender Parity in Hook Ups

Feminists still claim that women can be just as sexually promiscuous as men and have no regrets. But more and more women are admitting publicly that it just isn't so.

Articles like this one are popping up more frequently these days: Most Women Don't Enjoy Hookup Culture—so why do we force ourselves to participate?

Written by a disheartened feminist, it's a sad tale of woe of one who played the game and paid the price.

The fact that most of these guys wouldn't even make eye contact with me after having sex or would run away from me at a party is one of the most hurtful things I've ever felt. …

Months after things had ended between us, Ben said "I didn't think of you as a human being while we were hooking up."


Had she just read our Sense & Sexuality information — or read this story by a college health professional about Heather’s breakdown — she could have avoided the pain.

No Career-Only Lifestyle

Feminists still claim that women are happier forsaking the traditional roles as a wife and mother for the glamour life of a career. Women disagree.

A recent Rasmussen poll found that 60% of women "believed that being a mother is the most important role a woman can play." It works both ways: a 2014 survey found that 68% "consider fatherhood a man's most important role," too.

Feminist darlings will continue to shout and march for the media, and universities will continue to peddle feminist studies.

But a feminist majority? Not even close. Feminists are a shrinking minority. Put a fork in radical feminism — it’s done.