“Meet [James Charles]: makeup artist, boundary breaker, and the newest COVERGIRL!"

by Elisa Seegmiller

This photo and caption is what the makeup company CoverGirl posted on its Instagram this October.

So meet the new CoverGirl -er, boy…? Wait, can we even use genders in today's world? According to the Left, we don't want to trigger anyone, so maybe we'll just have to go with "CoverPerson."

James Charles is a 17-year-old boy from Bethlehem, N.Y. Although he has quite the makeup following on Instagram (650,000) and YouTube (90,000), it makes you wonder how this boy, who will be a man someday, can be made the icon for women.


If you ask me, placing a boy on the cover of a women's magazine and calling him a girl, is just another way for the leftists to smear and blur the lines between male and female. When James was asked how he felt about being the first boy to be a CoverGirl, he replied, "It shows that this industry is actually becoming genderless."

Genderless indeed. Between transgender lawsuits across the states, and Obama's bathroom mandate, this is hardly the left's first attempt at this twisted agenda. It was only last January that musician and actor, son of Will Smith, Jaden Smith, appeared in a dress in the Louis Vuitton's women's wear campaign. Let's also not forget that Glamour Magazine awarded its "2016 Woman of the Year" title to Bruce Jenner (aka Caitlyn Jenner).


Funny enough, the Left still thinks they are teamed up with the feminist moment. But as evidenced by their willingness to promote this male, in a female role, despite their long history of defending the feminist agenda, they are now actively destroying everything those same feminist fought so hard for. According to the Leftists today there is nothing special about being a woman. It turns out you can be a woman without having the previously required vagina or even two X chromosomes. There is no need to promote the feminist movement if male and female are interchangeable and non-differentiable.

So what do we conservatives do about this cultural mess? We start by speaking the truth. We tell it like it is. We teach the young the simple truth that men are men, and women are women. There are only two genders, and you cannot decide which you want to be. No amount of makeup, surgery, or "belief" can change a person's biology. As disturbing as it is, we are progressively becoming a post-truth society. But we can stop that progression. We must teach the future generations how to differentiate between the increasing blurred lines between truth and lies. We must instill the strength of will, the courage it takes to stand by truth and never back down.

As our namesake, Clare once said, "Courage is the ladder on which all the other virtues mount." Today and every day, we must teach our girls to be #ClareConservatives.

CoverGirl photo in the Left's War on Gender

Elisa is a 2016 fall CBLPI fellow.