by Lil Tuttle

Joy Pullmann has done American students, their parents and their teachers a huge service with her new book, The Education Invasion.  She’s exposed the “history and politics, intrigue and arrogance” behind the Common Core federalized education scheme forced into American classrooms by a cabal of private foundations and unelected bureaucrats.

Pullmann has been gathering the details of the scheme for several years as an education research fellow at the Heartland Institute. She attended the meetings and read the reports that most Americans weren’t told about.

CBLPI got a preview of her insights in a Policy Express paper Pullmann wrote for us several months ago. Entitled Restoring American Education, it’s a good primer for students, parents and teacher frustrated by the changes the Common Core invasion has caused in their classrooms.

Now the wider story is available.

If you believe that your local community should choose the curriculum that children in your local schools are taught by your local teachers, or if you believe children’s minds should be “fed a more nourishing intellectual diet” than they are currently receiving, Pullmann’s book is for you.  It will give you answers and remedies to deliver a better education to America’s children.