by Abigail Thomas

On July 8, the latest episode of “The Break with Michelle Wolf” aired on Netflix, and during this episode, she included a segment that she entitled “A Salute to Abortions.”

Wolf recently gained a great deal of publicity for her 20-minute monologue at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, where most of her vulgar jokes were directed at Sarah Huckabee Sanders, although some were saved for President Trump.

It’s become no secret, especially since the WHCD, that Wolf leans heavily left and ridicules anything that has to do with the President or the Republican Party. This dinner is, in fact, the reason she has come out with her Netflix Special in recent weeks.

On this special, she, besides spewing factually incorrect statements, praised abortion, praised America for being a place where a woman can get an abortion, and called out those involved in the pro-life movement as not being actually for life, but for purely being against abortion.

“Some people say that abortion is ‘killing a baby’,” she said. “It’s not. It’s stopping a baby from happening.”

This statement is incorrect from start to finish. We all know how babies are made, and we all understand how to not get pregnant. It has been proven time and time again that life begins at conception. So abortion does not stop a baby from happening. Abstinence would stop a baby from happening. Once conception has occurred, the baby has already happened. Michelle Wolf even admits a pregnant woman is “making a human,” in a stand-up routine she did earlier this year – she doesn’t even shy away from using the word “human” by saying fetus, she says the words “human” and “baby” loud and clear.

From that factually, not to mention morally, wrong statement, she jumped right into the next one, this time ridiculing the pro-life movement.

“These people are anti-abortion, which means they are anti-woman. If they were really pro-life, they would be fighting hard for healthcare, childcare, education, gun control, and protecting the environment.”

Abortion is far from healthcare. Aside from taking the life of an innocent child, the health risks associated with abortion include risk of infertility and breast cancer.  So by advocating for an end to abortion, we advocate for the health of women worldwide and we know that women deserve better than abortion. That is not anti-woman.

Abortion ends the life of a child, so by ending abortion, we would be ensuring that all the innocent and most vulnerable have a chance to live, therefore we care for the children.

Among the material Wolf used for her jokes, she talked about coat hangers, referencing gruesome and violent coat hanger abortions and the invention of back-alley abortions that were incredibly dangerous and left women dead. She was crude in her language, callous in her descriptions, and all together provided for a twisted and disgusting segment.

As for education, President Trump has delegated much of the Department of Education to the state governments, giving the power of schools back to the states. As a result of this, many discrepancies in the school system will be dealt with because the federal government will be less involved.

Wolf’s next accusation was that pro-lifers do not fight hard for gun control. Gun control laws have been tightened numerous times in recent decades, yet there have been over 100 mass shootings this year alone. So gun control laws are not the problem – this has been proven over and over again, yet every time a shooting occurs, the left calls for tighter gun control laws. They are wasting their time and providing useless arguments, claiming to care about the victims of these shootings. We, as pro-lifers, are dedicated to finding the root causes of these shootings, having determined that gun laws are not the answer. We are fighting hard to make shootings nonexistent, but we have recognized the wrong places to look for these causes.

As far as her comment about pro-lifers not caring about environment is concerned, she is speculating and framing pro-lifers as evil people who are willingly trashing the Earth. In actuality, pro-lifers advocate for the life of a child, and believe that we cannot care for the Earth until our most defenseless are guaranteed a chance at life. The pro-life movement does fight for the environment – we advocate for the sanctity of human life and for the life of the Earth.

Wolf concluded her segment by marching out in an American flag marching band outfit, carrying a baton and a bag of confetti in which she threw up a handful every time she saluted abortion.

We can all safely agree that in Michelle Wolf’s attempt to be funny, she contradicted herself because she presented lies in her blind hatred of the pro-life movement. While I’m sure her followers approved her message, she did nothing to actually slow down the pro-life movement since her facts are so easily disprovable, and she presented them in such a crude way and made it difficult to take her seriously.

Wolf voiced exactly what the pro-choice movement stands for – pro-choicers easily condone the killing of unborn children while saying they support the woman’s right to choose over her own body. However, once a child has been conceived, it is no longer her own body. By so unapologetically presenting her tasteless stance on abortion, Wolf did damage to her pro-abortion cause by highlighting, for those who may have been unaware, the horrors of it.

So thank you, Ms. Wolf, for making pro-lifers’ job a little easier.

Abigail Thomas is a 2018 Summer Fellow.