On Wednesday, September 11, Michelle Malkin joined the Center for Conservative Women on Capitol Hill to share remarks about her new book, “Open Borders Inc.,” just one day after its release. Interns, students, long-time fans and curious bystanders had the unique opportunity to shake Michelle Malkin’s hand and ask questions about the risky investigation she undertook to find the truth about the coordinated attacks on ICE and our border patrol.

“The Left has painted these targets on the backs of ICE and our border patrol agents.”

Michelle Malkin

Malkin dove into the clear-cut evidence of multi-million dollar campaigns from wealthy celebrities like George Soros and corporations investing in the destruction of America’s immigration system and the coordinated attacks on our country’s sovereignty. She explained how the “Open Borders” rhetoric touted by the Left jeopardizes the United States’ safety, security and unwavering promise to immigrants that if they follow the proper steps, they too can partake in America’s promise.

The release of “Open Borders Inc.” was timed perfectly in conjunction with Montgomery County’s announcement to refuse cooperating with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. As a former resident, Malkin addressed major concerns of sanctuary cities and counties, and how Montgomery County’s decision will danger its residents. Several members of the audience cheered as Malkin announced her plans to partake in a rally two days later in Rockville to support ICE and border patrol officers.

Following the discussion of Montgomery County, Malkin addressed a problem she and many other Americans often face amidst the immigration debate. She explained how her political positions are often assumed because of the color of her skin – that because her family immigrated here, she must side with the radical Left who propose for unrestricted illegal immigration. Malkin shared how identity politics has led to the suppression of free thought and free speech, particularly on college campuses, and offered advice to students in the crowd.

“Because I am the color I am, I was told to think a certain way. This has bled into the immigration debate, where many assume what you believe by how you appear.”

Michelle Malkin

Malkin encouraged attendees to follow her to Montgomery County that Friday to support ICE, and to the University of Pennsylvania the following Monday where she discussed with students the dangers sanctuary campuses encounter that are often ignored by the Leftist media.

Michelle Malkin’s remarks were met with applause. After Q&A, Malkin signed books and took pictures with attendees.

Watch the video coverage here.