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9-11 Remembered

Hate should never be allowed to win.

August Book of the Month

Our August Book of the Month features Tara Ross’ book, “Why We Need the Electoral College.”

April’s Book of the Month

Our April Book of the Month features K.T. McFarland’s newest book, “Revolution: Trump, Washington and ‘We The People.'”

Michelle Malkin addresses libel journalism, immigration crisis at the University of Pennsylvania

Michelle Malkin spoke to students at the University of Pennsylvania on September 16 about the problem of libel journalism and the situation at our southern border.

Just one day after its release, Michelle Malkin discusses new book, “Open Borders Inc.,” on Capitol Hill

On Wednesday, September 11, Michelle Malkin joined the Center for Conservative Women on Capitol Hill to share remarks about her new book, “Open Borders Inc.,” just one day after its release.

Why the U.S. military is worth $750 billion

Despite the shock of this staggering cost, our defense budget is vital to ensure a stable country. Providing for the defense of our nation is a primary function of the federal government, and it is imperative that our military have the resources it needs – no matter the cost.

WSJ’s Kim Strassel: the Russia-Trump Collusion Story

“The notion of the federal government surveilling average U.S. folk is anathema to us, and for very good reason.”

Latest Data Show There IS a Southern Border Crisis

At this pace, FY2019 will become the worst year for illegal entry attempts in the last 6 years.

Will 18-Year-Old Women be Forced to Register for the Draft?

Court rules “Selective Service System violates the Constitution by requiring only men to register for the draft.”

Stand Strong: Barrier the Border to Reopen the Government

The wealthy “don’t build walls [around their homes] because they hate the people on the outside but because they love the people on the inside.”

The Country Agrees on Immigration, so Why Won’t Congress Act?

Clearly a strong, solid majority of American voters want Congress to fix the immigration mess. Why is Congress dragging its feet?

President Considering Executive Order Redefining ‘Birthright Citizenship’

Many constitutional scholars believe the President’s executive order will force a long-overdue court review of birthright citizenship.

Trump Administration’s 500-Day Achievements

The President deserves credit for following through on so many of his promises.

Ambassador Nikki Haley’s Instrumental Role in the Singapore Summit

Her strong leadership paved the way.