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CWN–Make America Thrive Again: A Vision for Rebuilding the American Economy–Stephen Moore

You’re invited to this special event with Stephen Moore, The Heritage Foundation’s Distinguished Fellow in Economics and senior economic advisor during President Trump’s administration, discussing ways to improve America’s economy moving forward.

CWN–Recognizing and Responding to Human Trafficking in Our Communities–Kim Luckabaugh

You’re invited to hear from Kim Luckabaugh, Executive Director of Reset180, discussing the human trafficking issue.

CWN–Religious Liberty Cases–Christiana Kiefer

Join us for October’s CWN with ADF’s Christiana Kiefer who will be discussing religious liberty cases.

CWN – How Left-Wing Activists Are Destroying the Media – Amber Athey

You’re invited to this special event with author and Washington Editor at The Spectator Amber Athey.

CWN – How Courage Can Save America – Kimberly Begg

This Conservative Women’s Network event will feature Kimberly Begg speaking about her newly released book.

CWN –What the Left Has Done to Our Elections and What We Can Do About It– Cleta Mitchell

Cleta Mitchell, Founder of the Election Integrity Network, will discuss upcoming elections.

CWN – How Sex is Re-Writing Modernity – Mary Eberstadt

Acclaimed author Mary Eberstadt will discuss her latest book Adam and Eve after the Pill, Revisited followed by a book signing.

CWN – Stolen Youth – Bethany Mandel

Spend the afternoon with one of the authors of the national bestselling book Stolen Youth: How Radicals Are Erasing Innocence and Indoctrinating a Generation.

CWN – How Power Elites Weaponize the Fear of Loneliness to Enforce Social Conformity – Stella Morabito

Stella Morabito discusses her new book at the Feb. Conservative Women’s Network.

Mollie Hemingway Speaks on Election Integrity

With Americans losing confidence in our elections, it’s time to implement serious change. Hemingway highlights how we can keep our elections free and fair.

CWN – The Conservative Path Forward to Election Integrity with Mollie Hemingway

Join us at the Conservative Women’s Network to hear bestselling author Mollie Hemingway speak on Election Integrity.

“The Time is Now”: Educational Freedom, Homeschooling, and Primacy of Parents in Education

Education is one of the top issues facing American families today. Experts Lindsey Burke and Amy Buchmeyer discuss a path forward for educational freedom.

Author and Historian Amity Shlaes Revisits the Great Society Era Through A Different Lens

Author and historian Amity Shlaes joined the Center for Conservative Women and the Heritage Foundation for January’s Conservative Women’s Network luncheon.

The Center for Conservative Women and The Heritage Foundation Partner to Host Senator Ted Cruz to Address Political Tactics of the Impeachment Trials

Senator Ted Cruz explained the political tactics of the Trump impeachment process by House Democrats on Tuesday, December 17 at a cosponsored event by the Center for Conservative Women and the Heritage Foundation.

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