by Lil Tuttle

Ann-Marie Murrell, Morgan Brittany and Sonya Sasser – The PolitiChicks – discussed their new book, A Clarion Call to Political Activism, at the May 2017 Conservative Women’s Network luncheon.  The activists have built a social media network to encourage conservatives to use whatever gifts and talents they possess to become actively engaged in all aspects of the political process.

Ann-Marie told how The PolitiChicks began as a weekly web TV talk show and developed into a social media platform for hundreds of women (and men) writers to articulate conservative political thought and encouraging activism.

Morgan Brittany, an actress whose career spans her life from childhood roles in Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” and “Marnie” to the sophisticated Katherine Wentworth in the popular television series “Dallas,” discussed the changes she had witnessed in Hollywood over time.

In the 1970s, television networks provided a diverse offering to satisfy both the political left and right audiences. Today, however, television programming is very left-leaning and conservative voices are stifled. She offered the latest example:  the cancellation of the popular, family-friendly show, Last Man Standing. “There was no reason for that show to be cancelled. It was high-rated,” Morgan told the audience.  “But the producers and the network did not like it.”

Sonya Sasser, the group’s National Spokesperson, researches, writes and conducts interviews of newsmakers for the organization. The Left has become a problem both politically and personally to many Americans, and it cannot be ignored.  She’s followed the stories of left’s abuse of political power, such as turning government agencies like the IRS into weapons against Americans.

The wife of a surgeon, Sonya has witnessed the harmful changes in patient care caused by the regulatory regime of Obamacare. Doctors aren’t able to see as many patients because of the additional bureaucratic hoops imposed by Obamacare, she told the audience, and that has led to delays for those needing treatment.  A mother as well, she has also witnessed the indoctrination of children in local schools.

Ann-Marie addressed the dangers of angry people on college campuses. She highlighted two groups:  those who have no idea why they’re angry except that they were told they should be, and those paid to protest.  Antifa may claim to be anti-fascism, but it’s really anti-First Amendment, she argued.

The clueless angry people are like little children throwing a temper tantrum, but these are people you can help. They are only parroting what they’ve been told.  Don’t yell back or try to tell them your side in that state.  Instead, ask them calmly what is making them so angry, and whether they are sure it’s true.  Encourage them to “look it up themselves.”

(I had to smile at that, as I recalled a young mother of a two-year-old in the middle of a total meltdown calmly bring the toddler back to reason softly repeating, “use your words; tell me what’s wrong.”)

Morgan encouraged the audience not to be afraid to fight back.

“They are so panicked on the Left,” she said. “They are so afraid that we’re getting stronger, and we are paying attention.  This Trump election blind-sided them like nobody has ever seen.  They did not expect this.”

She pointed to several current television shows with storylines anticipating a woman president and perpetual liberal dominance. When it didn’t happen, those shows took such hard left-turns that she quit watching them.  The book, Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign, reveals that there were recurring doubts on the Left throughout the campaign, she noted, but they kept pushing the inevitability narrative.

They underestimated a huge portion of this country. They underestimated the anger in this country and the discontent of the things that had been going on.  That’s why now they are doubling down. … We have got to organize and fight back on this.


The PolitiChicks’ full remarks can be viewed on YouTube or here.