The Center for Conservative Women to host Lala Mooney with The Heritage Foundation at Conservative Women’s Network luncheon

On Friday, November 15, we hosted Lala Mooney to share her personal journey fleeing Fidel Castro’s regime in Cuba and her mission to restore the country she once loved.

Lala Mooney, mother of Congressman Alex Mooney, was born in communist Cuba and raised with 13 other siblings. On the day of the Bay of Pigs invasion on April 17, 1961, Fidel Castro executed a mass imprisonment movement where approximately 100,000 innocent Cubans were held as political prisoners, Lala as one of them. After two months, Lala and her siblings were released and invited to find refuge in the United States.

Lala Mooney’s book, “Leaving Cuba: One Family’s Journey to Freedom,” is a testament to her family’s perseverance and strength under communist rule. She often returns to Cuba to conduct mission work, warn citizens of Cuba’s dark history, and encourage communities of a future with abundant food sources, safe streets, and corruption-free government. Lala discussed her book and shared her personal journey embracing the American Dream.

The Center for Conservative Women partners with The Heritage Foundation to host Conservative Women’s Network luncheons in which women gather to become informed on issues of the day, network with area professionals and hear from conservative leaders. Our events are free and open to the public.

Watch Lala’s full speech here.