Grace Canceled: How Outrage is Destroying Lives, Ending Debate, and Endangering Democracy

February 1, 2021

Americans have been increasingly facing the new barrage of ‘cancel culture’ that threatens to undermine our lives and society. This Leftist attitude sets to ‘cancel’ anyone that disagrees with its radical agenda. People across our great nation have been fired from jobs, experienced online harassment, and have been physically assaulted. These are not the values that conservatives want to support. We believe in free speech and engaging in fair and honest debates. Therefore, we decided to choose, Grace Canceled: How Outrage is Destroying Lives, Ending Debate, and Endangering Democracy, by Dana Loesch as our book club choice for February this year. Dana Loesch hosts an award-winning, nationally syndicated daily radio show, “The Dana Show: The Conservative Alternative” from Dallas, Texas. She appears regularly on Fox News, ABC, CNN, among others, and has co-hosted on “The View.” Loesch is a former award-winning newspaper columnist, helping break the Anthony Weiner scandal at She is the author of two more books: “Hands Off My Gun: Defeating the Plot to Disarm America” which turned the tide in the gun control debate, and “Flyover Nation: You Can’t Run A Country You’ve Never Been To,” which predicted the coastal-flyover divide and sentiment that decided the 2016 election. In 2016 she was named Special Advisor on Women’s Policy for the NRA’s Executive Vice-President and CEO Wayne LaPierre. Loesch is a native Missourian, but now lives in Texas.  

About the book…

Grace Canceled was published in 2020, a very timely year for our nation. Dana Loesch brings a refreshing honesty to the cancel culture conversation. As someone who believes ideas that are not reflected in mainstream media, pop culture, or higher education, the burden is on each of us to be poised and able to respond as necessary. We need to reflect and consider best practices for engaging with the Left. This book will encourage you to engage and show you good steps to follow. We encourage you to use examples from Loesch’s book to show liberals another side to the story. As a talk show host, she knows how to speak on conservative issues. Loesch is the perfect person to learn how to engage in our divisive American landscape. 

In this book, you will find:

  1. The death of nuance
  2. The role of the media in cancel culture
  3. How to stand for conservative beliefs
  4. The importance of standing for your values

We encourage everyone to join us this February as we read and take notes from Dana Loesch.  We encourage you to read this book and let it inspire you for the days ahead. We conservatives do not have equal representation on the main communication platforms in our nation – media, Hollywood, and college campuses. We must be creative and well informed to fight the radical Leftist agenda. As Edmund Burke famously said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” If we do not engage wisely, we fool ourselves into complacency. America must have a new generation of Americans who love her values, her founding documents, and preserve her history.  

Discussion Questions:

  1. How can you use her advice to have solid conversations with the Left?
  2. What is one new way to stand up for your values?
  3. How can you use the examples shared in conversation with Leftists?
  4. How can you share this message with fellow conservatives?