The New American Revolution: The Making of a Populist Movement

April 1, 2021

Many conservative Americans have been soul searching these past few months.  Our nation appears to be at a crossroads in time.  Will we continue forward with the goals of our founding at the helm, or will we fail to pass the torch?  These questions do not have easy answers.  Each American must respond and think through the issues we face.  To help engage and encourage during these difficult times, we have chosen Kayleigh McEnany’s book, The New American Revolution: The Making of Populist Movement, as our April book club selection.  Kayleigh McEnany is the newest co-host for the show “Outnumbered” on Fox News.  She is a former White House press secretary for President Donald Trump.  Prior to that, McEnany was the national press secretary for President Trump’s 2020 campaign. She was also the national spokesperson for the RNC. McEnany got her start in news as a producer for Mike Huckabee and moving to work at CNN as a political commentator.  She graduated from Harvard Law School with a J.D. and Georgetown University School of Foreign Service with a degree in International Politics. McEnany is married with one daughter. Additionally, Kayleigh McEnany was our 2020 Woman of the Year.   

About the book…

This book is a deep dive into the heart of America.  McEnany exposes the impact of policy decisions on the average American.  She does so with eloquence, style, and important reflections.  Her book brings to light what conservatives have been feeling and trying to express for years.  These are the reasons we believe in our values.  She expresses the heart of so many across our great nation.  It is important for conservatives to read, because McEnany does something that conservatives have not done well in times past.  She captivates a movement – the essence of conservatism – in a story. This book will encourage you.  It will bring you sadness, yet it will also deliver hope.  She tells the American conservative story powerfully, and if we learn from her approach, we will all be better able to express the need for conservative values in America. 

In this book, you will find:

  1. Behind the scenes at CNN during the 2016 election cycle
  2. The heart behind the Trump movement
  3. The importance of using stories to talk policy
  4. Inspiration for a better America

We encourage everyone to join us this April as we read and learn from Kayleigh McEnany.  We encourage you to read and reflect on this book.  Take lessons from McEnany.  The conservative movement has the heart of America.  We chose our policies, because we know they are best for everyone across our nation.  We need to learn to talk policy in story form.  This engages people’s hearts, and encourages them to open their minds to ideas and concepts they may have rejected.  This approach is what America needs in 2021.  If there ever was a time that we needed books like this, it is this time in our history.   

Discussion Questions:

  1. How will you speak up for truth using stories?
  2. What can you do to address the issues raised in the book?
  3. Were you surprised by McEnany’s background?
  4. What story touched your heart the most?