Amber Athey

Amber Athey

Amber Athey is a professional journalist and political commentator. She currently serves as the Washington Editor for The Spectator and is the author of The Snowflakes’ Revolt: How Woke Millennials Hijacked American Media.

Amber is the host of the Unfit to Print radio show Sunday nights on WCBM 680 and is a senior Blankley fellow with the Steamboat Institute.

Prior to joining The Spectator, Amber was the White House Correspondent for the Daily Caller and was a member of the White House press corps covering the Trump presidency.

She previously covered media and breaking news for the Daily Caller and was an Investigative Reporter for the Leadership Institute’s Campus Reform. Amber’s work has been cited by, among other leading networks and outlets, Fox News, The Washington Post, NBC News, Vanity Fair, POLITICO, The Hill, USA Today, and the Daily Mail.

Amber graduated from Georgetown University in 2016 with a double major in Government and Economics and a minor in Mathematics. During her time at Georgetown, Amber hosted a lecture sponsored by the Clare Boothe Luce Center for Conservative Women featuring Christina Hoff-Sommers.

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