Kristan Hawkins is President of Students for Life of America, where she has built the small organization from a few dozen student groups scattered around the country to a coordinated national team serving more than 1,200 Students for Life chapters in all fifty states. Under her leadership, Students for Life exists to abolish abortion by transforming our culture through recruiting, training, and mobilizing this pro-life generation.

Hawkins’ expertise includes abortion, feminism, disability advocacy, and healthcare. She is a graduate of Bethany College where she was active in the Pro-Life movement. She has previously worked for the RNC and as a presidential appointee in the George W. Bush administration at the Department of Health and Human Services. She has served on then-candidate Donald Trump’s Pro-Life Advisory Council.

A published author, Kristan wrote Courageous: Students Abolishing Abortion in this Lifetime. She regularly speaks at prolife conventions and events across the United States, including many college campuses. Kristan was recently dubbed by Media Matters as “one of the 4 worst anti-abortion misinformers” – a moniker of which she is quite proud. She is married to Jonathan, and they have four children.