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American Exceptionalism and the Threat to It from Within

American Exceptionalism created an exceptional America. Is she now at risk from threats from within?

The Silver Screens of Socialism

As movies capture the hearts and minds of viewers, they also propagate many unwanted messages and regime tactics. Dive into the dark side of the filmmaking business and their ploy to spread socialism.

10 Ways to Stay Patriotic After the 4th of July

While the 4th is the perfect day to show off your patriotism and how proud you are to be an American, there are still 364 days of the year that we can celebrate. So, here’s 10 ways to spice up those 364 other days and stay patriotic.

Civic Education is Important

Our great nation is currently facing a major problem. Students are lacking a basic knowledge of our nation’s history, of self-governance, and why it is important to be involved in our democratic process.

Happy Independence Day!

We celebrate our Declaration of Independence, which asserted for the first time in human history that the rights of each person came from God, not from other men or government. It is this declaration that defines American Exceptionalism.

An America that Supports the West

Western nations have made plenty of mistakes throughout history, but they are not defined by their weaknesses.

Clare’s Contribution to American Exceptionalism and Liberty

A woman who gets very little recognition for her contributions to making America such an exceptional country is Mrs. Clare Boothe Luce …

From ‘American Exceptionalism’ to ‘American Deceptionalism’

Our elite genuinely detests America’s “exceptional” individual-rights-based form of governance…