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‘Feminism’ Merriam-Webster’s 2017 ‘Word of the Year’

‘Feminism’ topped the online dictionary lookup list in 2017, “thanks in part to Kellyanne Conway.”

Women's March sign

Nasty Feminists Scorned

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Scorned by November’s voters, nasty feminists unleashed fury and their own brand of hell at Women’s March.

reclaiming femininity in a feminist culture-image

Reclaiming Femininity in a Feminist Culture

Our blogger friend, Stephanie Holmes, offers some thoughtful ideas on reclaiming true femininity in a feminist culture that demands women be more of a man.

Feminism Losing on Every Front

Put a fork in it. Radical feminism is done! …

Ohio U Students Host Christina Hoff Sommers Lecture

Dr. Sommers will speak this evening at 7:30 p.m. in Galbreath Chapel on ‘Trigger Warnings, Safe Spaces and Moral Panics’ …

Advice Clare Boothe Luce Would Give Young Women Today

No doubt it would be infused with admonitions to take courage and to look, listen, and learn …

Georgetown Demands Edits to Christina Hoff Sommers Video

Trigger Warnings apparently not enough, after some students complain they are on the video…

“Safe Spaces” Are Unsafe for Free Exchange of Ideas

And ‘Trigger Warnings” are Just Another Way of Saying “Shut Up”…

Standing Room Only at Georgetown University Lecture on Feminism

Well over one hundred students attended the lecture entitled “What’s Right (and Badly Wrong) with Feminism?” given by Luce Institute campus speaker Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers…

The Battle Within the Women’s Movement

The historical Women’s Movement has always embodied two distinct schools of thought at war with one another …

Take Feminism Back

Author Christina Hoff Sommers explains how the once noble cause of feminism has been derailed, how the public policies espoused by today’s feminists are harmful, and why mainstream American women need to put feminism back on track…

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