Three Texas women leaders discuss the state’s extraordinary success as a conservative policy leader.

Texas State Senator Konni Burton (District 10) discussed the federal government’s failure to control the southern border, its impact on Texas’s schools and social services, the state’s response to stop massive illegal migration and its successes (i.e., 180 tons of illegal drugs captured and decreased crime).

Brooke Rollins, president and CEO of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, discusses her foundation’s work in advancing conservative policies that have proven so successful for all socioeconomic levels in society. She notes that diversity and conservative policies go hand-in-hand as evidenced by two facts: 51% of Texas Hispanics voted for conservative leaders, and Texas has 47% fewer people living in poverty than California.

Dr. Marlene McMillan, an internationally-recognized expert on principles of liberty, pushes back on political correctness. She begins with this question: “If in the name of social justice, equality, and women’s rights we take away peoples’ essential liberties, have we helped them or hurt them?”

This panel discussion was recorded at the Institute’s Texas Women’s Summit held in Fort Worth TX in October 2015.

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