by Aryssa Damron

As young conservatives, we are expected to have fully formed opinions on many different issues and topics. Yet many of us have not been exposed to those ideas in our daily lives. This is where conservative books come into play to help us shape our own thoughts and opinions, become more aware of the broader conservative arguments, and develop a cohesive, well-rounded conservative philosophy.

Personally, in my day-to-day life I have not been exposed to the issues of immigration or abortion. I come from a small town in Kentucky where our immigrant population is not widely discussed, and abortion is an almost non-existent issue. However, as a young conservative, I was expected to be somewhat knowledgeable and have an opinion on these issues. I loved being able to crack open a book on an issue that I might not have directly faced and read about its history, the laws regulating it, and the author's opinions, which often helped shape what would become my opinion on the issue.

Below are some great books that can help young conservatives become more informed about the issues that are impacting our country so greatly, all written by great speakers that you can bring to your school through the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute. These books speak to issues ranging from abortion and feminism to lies the liberals tells us to the War on Terror. They are must-reads for any young conservative looking to learn more about, or explore more deeply, the conservative movement.

Aryssa Damron is an intern at the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute