CBLPI's October Conservative Woman Lisa Daftari

October’s Conservative Woman is Lisa Daftari, an award-winning investigative reporter, commentator and journalist specializing in foreign affairs with expertise on the Middle East and counterterrorism.

Lisa serves as director and founding editor of The Foreign Desk, a newswire service covering stories from around the globe with an emphasis on their impact on U.S. foreign policy. She is also a political analyst for Fox News and has appeared on, or written for, CBS, NBC, PBS, the Washington Post, ABC and NPR. She is frequently called upon to give briefs and expert testimony for government and private audiences.

A first generation American of Iranian descent, Lisa is fluent in English, Spanish and Persian. She offers unique insight to human rights issues and the plight of women in the Middle East.

“I think about all of the women who are secretly executed in Iran and other places where Sharia law is implemented,” says Lisa. “This is the real War on Women.”

She got her start as a documentary filmmaker during graduate school at the University of Southern California. The documentary, which focused on the Iranian underground political movement, was presented by request before Congress.

Lisa Daftari with students at CBLPI's Western Women's Summit

Lisa Daftari with students at CBLPI’s Western Women’s Summit